time to say goodbye...

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Dear RushNation Community,

on the 03/07/2018, we've opened the RushNation.NET Network and now it's the time to say goodbye. In the almost 4 years we were online, we put so much time, motivation and love into this project. On the 27/02/2021, we've released the completly new update "RushNation 2.0" . With this update, we've reached a really huge milestone and there were so many doors for new things open for us. In the years of this network, RushNation was a heart project for every single team-member every time and so many team-members invested their free time into this project. We've created a wonderful community and we had a really motivated team. It was really important for us that RushNation has to be created a place where you can have fun and we did it definitely.

Why did we make the decision to close the network?

On the 22/05/2022 we'll turn the network completly off. There are several reasons why we'll close the Minecraft network. We also want to mention that we'll not completly exclude that we'll bring back the network in a few years, but there isn't much time we can put into the network anymore. We're also working on other projects beside RushNation and RushNation is really more time-consuming for few months already. The motivation and fun isn't getting bigger anymore as it was then. Bex is working on other projects from RushNation at the same time and understandably it gets more and more after a specific period of time. Many of you will ask what will happen now. The community "RushNation" still remains. The only thing which will end is the Minecraft Server. We'll not publish, sell or give away any of your Systems etc. These will remain in our hands at anytime.

"It is hard for me to say goodbye, but RushNation has accompanied me personally through the last few years and opened so many doors in my life. I am grateful for that. Thank you for such a great community and team." - Davin, Owner

"It's also difficullt for me to say goodbye. RushNation has accompanied my life through the last 4 years. I collected so much experience and met so many people who are among my friends. Thank you so much to the Community and especially to the Team. It may well be the end, but after the end there'll come a new start. That's why I'm full of confidence that RushNation was just the beginning and now other challenges will be on my way. Maybe we'll see each other again somewhere. - Erik, Owner

Thanks for all. - 13.05.2022